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We only accept PDF files (TIFF, EPS, JPG, PRN etc files are not accepted).

We strongly recommend the standard PDF/X-1a compilant files.

Standard PDF setting

With all Adobe Creative Suite applications you can use pre-defined settings of PDF/X.

Here are the screenshots of Adobe InDesign CS 5 and Adobe Illustrator CS 5. Also you can follow the guide in Youtube about saving a PDF/X in InDesign (note that you have to set your correct paper profile at 1m39s).

  • Do not create PDF files in Acrobat with PDF preset "Standard". This creates a PDF files to be printed to desktop printers or digital copiers, published on a CD, or sent to a client as a publishing proof. This set of options uses high compression (low quality JPG) and downsampling (low resolution image at 150 dpi) to keep the file size down.

Custom PDF settings

Read this tutorial if you like to use custom-made PDF settings instead of PDF/X:
Using Acrobat 8 to Create PDFs within Distiller and InDesign

Embed thumbnail (Acrobat)

It is always good idea to embed thumbnail of page when creating PDF file. See here.

InDesign - Create Outlines

Creating outlines of the original type will annihilate technical problems on the text object - the guide.

Transparency Flattener settings

Saving EPS files (Illustrator)

If you are using design elements from Illustrator in the form of EPS files (*.eps), then choose the trasparency preset as High resolution in the options during the saving process (Save As EPS -> EPS Options -> Transparency -> Preset: High resolution). When you mistakenly choosing Medium resolution or Low resolution then gradients and shadows will be low resolution images in the final EPS or PDF file. See here.

Transparency in InDesign

In InDesign the transparency sttings in Window -> Output -> Flattener Preview and during the PDF export in Advanced -> Transparency Flattener. Both should be set to Preset: High resolution. See here.

Creating separate PDF files

Use this InDesign plugin for exporting InDesign documents as separate PDF files
(or for outputting multiple PDF files as the batch process): 
PageExportUtility [JavaScript Mac/Win] at IndesignSecrets

Cover design

How to layout gatefold cover pages: Introducing Multiple Page Sizes in InDesign CS5
How to layout cover with spineCreating Multiple Page Sizes in CS5 

Spot UV varnish

How to create spot UV varnish design: other guide, more
About.com (more tutorials HEREHEREHERE or HERE or HERE)

3D UV-varnish

3D UV-varnish tutorials: SculptedUVScodix .

Hot foil

The color chart of LUXOR®/ALUFIN® LMX foil is available at www.kurz.de
he guide for foil can be found here (just replace "varnish" with "foil").

On-line PDF tools